About Siedery

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about siedery

About Siedery

Siedery was founded in 2011 and have been working with global partners mostly from western countries for over 11 years. We focus on global industrial designers and startups, we work as manufacturing base in china to provide various manufacturing services including:

  • 3D printing
  • CNC machining
  • Injection molding
  • Sheet metal stamping
  • Die casting
  • Surface coating
  • Fabrication

We have very strict quality control process and quality management system, equipped with the best measurement equipment and test machines to assure  we can provide high level quality products to our customers. The devices we invested years including but not limit to below:

  • Various Calipers
  • Various Gauges
  • Height Ruler
  • Projectors
  • CMM

To support our customers to reduce the manufacturing risks and cost, Siedery is willing to provide DFM review before production,it can help designers to predict any manufacturing issues and fix them before kicking off, Normally we can provide the following reviews to our customers:

  • DFM & Mold flow
  • Process diagram and SOP
  • PFMEA & Control Plan

To support the global designers to do better job, Siedery will also provide design review and designers can have more senses and awareness on their designs, the reviews we can provide are:

  • Tolerance stack up analysis
  • FEA/Simulations

After kick off for production, we have very high level approval process to approve your products and process in a very high quality level, we can provide the following documents and services according to your requirements:

  • Golden samples
  • FAI & CPK
  • CMF report
  • Functionality test report
  • Compliance test

If you are an industrial designer or startup and you need to manufacture your design with prototypes, small-batch or large volume production, Siedery will be your excellent partner from early stage of concept design to mass production,we can provide a lot support to you on design review, manufacturing review,cost saving,high quality production and son on.we can build long-term reliable relationship and close work partnership, we can support your business all the time in the future.

What Does Siedery Do?

Siedery is committed to providing high quality rapid prototyping and small batch manufacturing services. This includes CNC machining, injection moulding, 3D printing and more.

We offer fast, high quality component manufacturing solutions that can be quoted within hours and delivered within days. This allows you to make all the modifications needed to perfect your design before your product goes into full volume production.

If you have a need for injection moulding, CNC machining or 3D printing you can contact us at any time.


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Siedery has high-precision 3-, 4- and 5-axis machining machines to ensure that tight tolerances can be achieved. In addition, we have hundreds of world-class injection moulding machines to meet the high standards required by our customers for injection moulded parts. In addition to our own 20+ intelligent machining centres, we have also integrated manufacturing resources in China to deliver products on time and to an exceptional standard for our customers worldwide.

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Founded in 2011, Siedery provides a one-stop shop for additive manufacturing and small-batch manufacturing services for small and medium-sized enterprises worldwide. We are experts in the CNC machining, injection molding, and 3D printing industries.

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