cnc machined car parts

November 7, 2022

By siedery

The precision of auto parts is very high, especially the key parts cylinder, wheel hub, etc., the workpiece is complex, if the processing is not in place will affect the use of the whole car, Siedery long for customers to provide CNC machining of auto parts and small batch customization, as a technical CNC machining factory, we know how to cherish the development results of customers, but also understand the good intentions of designers, respect every point of customer investment, we Every effort we make is only to bring you the ideal auto parts.

What automotive parts can be machined by CNC?

Siedery has rich experience in auto parts machining, and has been providing CNC machining auto parts and small batch customization service for Honda Motor Group and Daye Motorcycle Company for a long time, and the parts processed are mainly in the following two categories

Auto parts such as: engine block, cylinder head, rotary shaft, drive shaft, gear, gear box, brake drum, wheel hub, gear rocker arm, rocker arm shaft, and other parts with complex curved surfaces.

Motorcycle parts such as: oil pump housing, oil pump cover, left and right crankcase, cylinder block, cylinder head cover oil plug, case, rocker arm shaft and other parts.

What materials and surface treatments are available for CNC machining auto parts?

The internal structure of the car is very complex, in order to ensure its strength, electrical and thermal conductivity, wear resistance, weight reduction and other requirements, different parts need to be processed with different materials, you are still looking for a supplier for each material?Siedery processed more than 470 kinds of materials, to understand the common materials for auto parts are: aluminum alloy, zinc alloy, magnesium alloy, stainless steel, steel, etc., but also according to the different We can also customize various surface treatments according to different processes and materials, such as: anodizing, powder coating, painting, sandblasting, electroplating, electrophoresis, laser engraving, silk-screening, polishing, etc.

What are the CNC machining processes for automotive parts?

The internal parts of the car basically need CNC processing, lathe processing, milling machine processing, but most of the exterior parts are sheet metal parts, mainly through laser cutting and CNC bending, stamping completed. Such as: hood, front bumper, rear bumper, center net, front big frame, bumper bracket, door skin, door puller, front and rear fender, roof, trunk cover, two front steel liners, etc. At Specialized New Precision, we specialize in a variety of machining processes, and can customize economical and reasonable machining processes for products to meet your individual needs.

Siedery has been engaged in CNC machining services for 11 years. We have strong machining capabilities with over 30 precision CNC machining machines, providing custom parts and automotive parts machining services to customers worldwide. Over the years we have been providing our customers with competitive pricing and high quality delivery of automotive parts manufacturing services.

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