CNC Machining Aluminum Alloy

August 28, 2022

By siedery

Aluminum is the commonly used metal in CNC machines due to high machining ability and a high strength-to-weight ratio. If you are looking for an easily accessible metal that has high strength-to-weight ratio and good machining characteristics, then aluminum may be a suitable option for your projects.

Moreover, the aluminum metal is relatively easy to shape, particularly during the boring processes, such as in CNC aluminum machining. CNC milling is simply a perfect option, and the benefit is the process of the milling, which is high-precision, honed aluminum. CNC Aluminum Milling has many wide-ranging advantages, whether from the perspective of cost or the material integrity.

Today, CNC Aluminum parts that are machined to perfection are growing in popularity within the manufacturing industry. As light weight metals are used extensively, aluminium machined parts are becoming the go-to option for many industries. Aluminum alloys are common materials used in investment casting, and fabricated aluminum parts may undergo post-machining to improve their finish.

If aluminum remains a material of choice for the design, then there are ways of combining CNC machines with other production processes to produce more sophisticated, high-performance aluminum parts. Even once you have taken the plunge on aluminum for a project, a high degree of expertise with a CNC machine is still required in order to produce your parts precisely and precisely. Siedery offers CNC machining accuracy on a number of popular aluminum alloys, and we can help you select the right one.

We offer full aluminum CNC machine services, and we can manufacture complex aluminum parts using 12 different types of aluminum. Over 240 Aluminum machine shops can manufacture custom Aluminum parts using CNC twist machines and 3-axis CNC milling machines. Aluminum is easily clocked, making it easier for CNC operators to produce complex parts fast and accurately.

Aluminum 6061 is also one of the most versatile of all the machinable alloys, making it the first choice for CNC machines. Aluminum 6061 – Aluminium 6061 is the most commonly used grade of aluminum in CNC machines because it has great processing characteristics, excellent corrosion-resistance, high strength, lacks distortion after treatment, easily color-coating, great oxidation-effect, etc. It is used for industries like making trucks, erectors, ships, streetcars, furniture, machinery parts, precision machining, and in a broad range of industrial materials. Aluminum 6061 is one of the most commonly used aluminium alloys in the machine shop, used in high-stress structural applications. Aluminum alloys are among metals that have the highest Machinability Index, making them about three to 10 times more machineable than steel.

Aluminum is faster and easier to machine than steel, and its strength-to-weight ratio makes it a great choice for many applications requiring a hard, durable material. Manufacturers can machine it up to three and sometimes four times faster than other commonly machinable materials, like steel and titanium. Aluminum parts are ideal for applications requiring greater strength, corrosion resistance, heat tolerance, lower weight, electrical conductivity, and general versatility. Aluminum Grade Description Strength of Manufactured Parts Corrosion Resistance Workability Applications Alloy 1100 Commercially pure aluminum that has great corrosion resistance, machinability, and workability.

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