Tips: How to find the right CNC manufacturing service provider?

May 15, 2022

By siedery

The question of how to find the right CNC manufacturing service provider must have troubled many people, first let’s understand what CNC machining is.

CNC machining also has other names, such as CNC machine tool machining, computer gong, and others are called CNC machining centers. Its main work is to prepare machining programs and turn the original manual activities into computer programming. It is an automatic machine tool controlled by programs. The control system can logically process the program with control code or other symbolic instructions, decode it through the computer, make the machine tool execute the specified action, and process the blank into semi-finished products or finished parts through tool cutting.

There are several basic requirements that a good CNC manufacturing service provider should have.

1. Rich production experience

Is it possible to provide prototype and batch manufacturing of precision parts for industries such as military, aviation, medical, watch, and machinery. With machining experience in these relatively demanding industries, there is no need to worry about not being able to handle the machining of parts for other industries.

2.Advanced machine tool equipment

A good manufacturer should have high precision CNC machining equipment, in CNC machining equipment, three axis will be used more frequently, suitable for processing some simple and common products, four axis, five axis can be processed polysurface and more complex structure of the product, but four axis, five axis processing costs will be much higher than the three axis, three axis can solve things do not need to use five axis.

3.Parts testing equipment

Only the processing equipment of the CNC processing factory is not perfect, but also has to be equipped with perfect testing equipment, such as detection of dimensions: Coordinate Measuring Machine, detection of the surface with a finish tester, detection of material composition with a spectrometer, detection of bore and thread with pin and plug gauges, and ISO certificates.

4. Good factory management and service concept

In addition to equipment, good factory management and service concepts are essential conditions that must be in place. New product development inevitably involves design modifications and small detail modifications, all of which require CNC manufacturing service providers who can work closely with you in order to process a good product and be confident that the project will be handed over to them to ensure smooth and high-quality delivery.

Several key points of selecting a good CNC manufacturing service provider

Usually, we can ask the supplier about the size of the workshop, the number of employees, the number of different machines, and the annual sales. For some large projects a visit to the factory floor is also considere.d, which is an essential element in our review of the CNC manufacturing service provider.

In addition, the strength of the CNC manufacturing service provider can be further examined in the following areas

1. Whether the supplier can respond quickly to orders

Before choosing a supplier, we must know whether the factory has sufficient manufacturing capacity to accept quick orders to meet market demand, whether it can ensure that it can respond to quotations within 24 hours and, in the event of an emergency, whether it has the flexibility to arrange working hours to ensure that the project is completed on time.

2. Whether there is a minimum order quantity required

Check with your supplier to see if there is a minimum order quantity required. This is because the product development process generally requires a small number of prototypes to be produced first to verify the feasibility and processability of the design, which can greatly reduce the risk of the project. The ideal outcome is to provide a good service regardless of whether the order is for a single handpiece or a small production run.

3. Whether quality level control is strictly enforced

It is important to understand the quality level control of suppliers, because quality is the life of products. At the beginning of contact, you can apply for a sample from the supplier to understand the quality level of the supplier’s CNC machined parts. In addition, we should know whether the supplier’s QA team strictly implements the ISO quality system.

4. Is there an excellent design and engineering support team

Because the project will be completed by the supplier in the end, it is necessary to understand the supplier’s design and engineering team as much as possible. When the project has problems, it needs the support of the supplier’s design and support team. With an excellent team, the problems encountered in the project can be well solved.

These are some key points on how to find the right CNC manufacturing service provider, by which you can basically tell if the supplier is a good fit. Likewise, we can also tell if they are a true match by communicating with them.

As a professional CNC machining service provider, Siedery offers precision CNC machining services, CNC milling and turning parts, CNC lathe parts, metal working forming and part finishing processes, we will provide the best service to our partners.

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