CNC Small Batch Machining

May 28, 2022

By siedery

At the product development stage, we cannot avoid testing and verifying the appearance and functionality of the product, which requires CNC machining of some parts in small batches.

Why small batch machining?

Customers often choose Siedery’s CNC machining of small batches when a new product under development is in the testing phase, when one or two samples are not enough for testing and when the conditions for opening the mold are not met, or when the number of customized products is itself small. During the development of a new product, small batch production can shorten the development and production cycle and do FMEA to anticipate risks before mass production, facilitate test marketing, and also allow rapid adaptation to changes in customer orders and market demand, minimizing inventory and flexibilities production systems.

What are the advantages of CNC machining small batches?

High precision: CNC machining of small batches with an accuracy of ±0.01mm and a finish of Ra1.6, suitable for various surface treatments such as oxidation, sandblasting, paint and powder spraying, electroplating, polishing, silk-screening and laser engraving.

Unlimited quantity: CNC machining is flexible for quantity, 1~1000 pieces can be processed, we have various models of CNC machining machines (3-axis, 4-axis, 5-axis, imported machines) to meet customers’ customized product needs.

Unlimited materials: CNC machining is available for both metal and plastic materials. Common small batch custom materials include aluminum, stainless steel, titanium, magnesium, zinc, nickel, copper, steel, etc.

CNC small batch machining of parts
CNC small batch machining of parts

Considerations for CNC machining small batches

There are two main purposes for CNC machining small batches, one is the low custom demand for the product itself. The other is the trial production of small batches before mass production, which can avoid economic losses in mass production due to flow design errors and product design problems. No matter what type of product you have, it is important to choose the right manufacturer and to determine the quantity to be produced in advance before small batch production.

In addition to this, it is also important to pay attention to the quality of the product. Generally, these pre-production products are not put on the market but are mainly used as trial products to examine whether the actual production matches the design expectations. If the difference is relatively large, the original design will need to be changed or even the whole design overturned and re-engineered. Therefore, it is important not to be frugal when producing small batches and to use materials that will be used in the actual production.

Siedery small batch machining of parts
Siedery small batch machining of parts

Why choose Siedery for small batch CNC machining?

  • Professional: Siedery has 35 project engineers with more than 7 years of experience to analyze the process for each part and customizing the process to give you a high-quality product at a low cost.
  • Service: Siedery respects every engineer and their design achievements, we provide 1 to 1 technical sales staff to follow up your project and help each customer’s product to open the door to the market.
  • Fast: Response within 2 hours for consulting services, 2-4 hours for quotation of hand boards or parts, 4-8 hours for quotation of small batch production, 1-7 days for prototype, 3-15 days for small batch production.
  • Discount: Siedery offers small sample quantities for free, contact our team for specific reductions.

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