Plastic mold for car recorder housing

April 10, 2022

By siedery

This is a car recorder housing from one of our client, we provided structure design review and suggestions from our manufacturing experience and Mold flow analysis, and we finished the mold in 25 days.

  1. All the raw materials used in our factory have passed CE certification, ROHS 2.0 environmental testing, and we can provide ISO9001 certificate.
  2. We use S136 well-known materials on the mold to ensure the mold life and subsequent injection quality.
  3. We Provide product design, plastic mold building, injection molding, finished product testing and other services
  4. Mold accuracy up to 0.02 mm
plastic mold for car recorder housing in 25 days

For a more detailed introduction to injection molding materials, you can click here to read.

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