CNC machining stainless steel

Due to stainless steel corrosion resistance, wear resistance and other special properties, become engineers often choose one of the materials, stainless steel common models are: austenitic, martensitic, 304, 303, 316, 420, duplex stainless steel, different models of stainless steel properties are different, if your products need non-magnetic and have high toughness and plasticity, but do not mind the strength, we recommend that you use austenitic stainless steel, if your products are food recommended that you use stainless steel 316, Siedery has more than ten years of CNC processing stainless steel experience, when you are not on the selection of materials, welcome to consult our technical engineers at any time.

What are the machining processes for CNC machining stainless steel parts?

Stainless steel is dense, hard, and does not absorb magnetism, in the processing process, clamping and tool selection and other materials will be different, general CNC machining stainless steel parts common machining processes are: CNC milling machine processing, CNC lathe processing, grinding machine processing, wire cutting, EDM, deep hole drilling, etc.. Specialized new precision of the number of processes, engineers have the means to use a combination of different processes to provide you with the ideal product.

What are the surface treatments for CNC machined stainless steel?

Usually we will think that stainless steel will not be oxidation, corrosion, so do not need to do any surface treatment, that is wrong, stainless steel in a certain environment, too much time is also oxidation, corrosion, but the speed is not as fast as other steel parts. In order to protect the product, prevent oxidation and corrosion, and improve the service life and recognition of the product, special new precision long-term processing + surface treatment services for customers, usually after CNC processing stainless steel common surface treatment are: grinding, polishing, sandblasting, powder spraying, brushing, electroplating, laser engraving, etc.

When you choose CNC machining stainless steel services, it is important to choose the right material, the supplier with the right material is more important, each material can not be distinguished by the naked eye alone, different models of material properties are different, in case the wrong material, will cause serious impact on the use of customer products. So how does Siedery avoid this? Siedery will use a spectral analyzer to test the raw materials before each product is processed, and only after passing the test can we arrange the processing and production to ensure the authenticity of the raw materials used.

CNC machining stainless steel, Siedery has four major safeguards.

  1. Quality Assurance
    Strictly implement ISO9001:2015 quality management system, from raw materials to processing to shipping at least 6 inspection processes, do not let go of any quality loopholes, shipping pass rate of 98%!
  2. Delivery guarantee
    26 sets of CNC and other equipment 24 hours a day processing, good at dynamic milling technology, open rough machining efficiency increased by 50%, each order has a professionally trained follow up personnel one-on-one follow-up to ensure that the goods to customers within the scheduled time.
  3. Capacity guarantee
    3000 square meters plant, nearly 100 people, standardized production workshop, CNC computer gongs, CNC lathes, milling machines, grinding machines, automatic tapping machines, wire cutting, EDM and other equipment, the monthly production quantity up to 48,000 pieces.
  4. Service guarantee
    Technical customer service personnel are online 24 hours a day, responding within 30 minutes, solutions within 2 hours, solving within 1 day; using Shunfeng, across and other high-quality courier companies, dedicated to follow up the logistics information to ensure that the products arrive safely in your hands.

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