CNC Machining Service of Aluminum Alloy

Aluminum alloy is the most commonly used CNC machining materials. It features good performance, easy machining, lightness, low cost and can be subject to many surface treatment process.

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aluminum machining
CNC machined aluminium  2022

Advantages of Aluminum Alloy

Aluminum alloy is favored by engineers of all industries and is often used in CNC machining.

  • Low density, light
  • Low cost
  • Easy machining
  • Low-temperature resistance
  • Customized
  • Anti-corrosion
  • Good conductivity
  • Excellent mechanical performance
  • Good surface smoothness

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We welcome orders of all size.
Best price

Best price in the industry

From the price advantages of raw materials of aluminum alloy to high efficient management level and excellent machining technology, we can offer competitive price.
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Fast delivery

The number of our CNC equipment is over 80 and we can guarantee fast delivery.
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Professional engineering teams

Our CNC machining team members have more than 5 years of industrial experience and can handle any challenging projects.
High precision

High precision and strict tolerance

We serve the automobile, aerospace and medical industry and can produce parts of strict tolerance.

Various surface treatment process

We can offer various surface treatment process based on your project requirements.
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I finally received the aluminum parts from CNC machining from Siedery. They look great! We are very satisfied with the quality of these parts. We subject these aluminum parts to anodizing. They look very clean, bright. Good job! Thank you. We will continue to use CNC machining service of Siedery.

Ian Nuttall

We received the customized aluminum parts soon. When I saw them, they look very beautiful. Our team installed them quickly. Everything went well, because the dimensions of these parts are accurate, completely identical to our design. We found Siedery on the internet and placed an order finally. We received the high-quality aluminum alloy parts at last, I felt very lucky. I will continue to buy from Siedery.

Jonny Moonsprout

About Aluminum Alloys for CNC Machining

The most commonly used material for CNC machining is aluminum alloy, featuring comprehensive performance easy machining and which can be subject to all kinds of surface treatment. CNC machining aluminum alloy can be used to mechanical equipment, sports equipment, aerospace, automobile, ship, communications, optical equipment, medical equipment, robots and other fields and it is one of the most popular machining materials.

Aluminum 6061
Aluminum 6063
Aluminum 7075
Aluminum 2017
Aluminum 2024
Aluminum 5052
Aluminum 5083

Aluminum 6061

6061 aluminum alloy is high quality aluminum alloy products after heat treatment and pre-drawing process, the strength of which can not be compared with 2 or 7, but the properties of Mg and Silicon alloy are numerous. It is of good machining performance, good welding property and plating, good anti-corrosion, high toughness and it will not be deformed after machining. The materials are dense, of no defects and can be easily polished, easy painting film, oxidation effect and other good features.

Aluminum 6063

Main alloy elements are Mg and Si. It is of good machining property and weldability, extrusion property and plating, good anti-corrosion, toughness, easy polishing and painting film, good anodizing and is a typical extruding alloy. The aluminum alloy sections and good plasticity, good heat treatment strength, good welding performance and anodizing and gorgeous color on the surface and other advantages and is widely used in building sections, irrigation pipes and pipes, bars and sections for vehicles, bench, furniture, lift and fence.

Aluminum 7075

7075 refers a commonly used alloy in aluminum alloy 7. The alloy featuring best strength in commonly seen aluminum alloy is 7075. It is commonly used in parts made by CNC machining, suitable for plane structure and high strength accessories. Aluminum alloy 7 includes Zinc and Mg elements. Zinc is the main alloy elements in the series, so the anti-corrosion property is good and when a small amount of Mg alloy is added, the material can reach high strength after heat treatment. Main purposes include aviation fixation device, truck, tower building, ship, pipe and other fields that building needs strength, such as plane parts, gears and axle, fuse parts, instrument and gear, missile parts jump-in valve parts, turbine key, plane, aerospace and national defense application.

Aluminum 2017

Aluminum 2017 is a typical duralumin in aluminum-copper-magnesium. The composition is reasonable and the comprehensive performance is good. Many counties produce this alloy and is mostly used in duralumin. The features of the alloy is: high strength, heat resistance, can be used as working parts when the temperature is below 150°C. When the temperature is higher than 125℃, the strength of 2017 alloy is higher than 7075 alloy. The shaping property is good in heat state, annealing and new quenching state and the heat treatment strengthening effect is significant, but the heat treatment process requirements are high. The anti-corrosion is poor, but the pure Aluminum cladding can provide effective protection; when welding, the cracks will be easily produced, but welding and riveting can be achieved by special process. It is widely used in general mechanical parts, plane, ship, transportation and building structural parts, transportation tool structural parts, propeller member and other structural parts.

Aluminum 2024

This is a high-strength duralumin, which can be strengthened through heat treatment. The shaping property under the state of quenching and just quenching state is middle and the spot welding is good. There tend to be intercrystalline cracks at the time of gas welding. The alloy is of good machninability after quenching and cold hardening and it becomes lower after annealing; poor anti-corrosion, it is usually subject to anodizing and painting method or adding of aluminum on surface to improve the corrosion ability. The purpose is mainly used for making all kinds of high-load parts and members (not including stamping parts and forgings), such as the framework parts, skin, bulkhead, rib, spar, rivet and other working parts when the temperature is below 150℃。

Aluminum 5052

5052 aluminum alloy is Al-Mg alloy, which is widely used, especially in building industry and is one of the alloy featuring good prospect. Good anti-corrosion, welding, cold machining and is of middle strength. 5052 aluminum alloy’s main alloy elements is Mg, which is of good shaping machining performance, anti-corrosion, welding and middle strength, used for manufacturing oil tank of plane, oil pipe and sheet metal parts, meter, streetlight holder and rivet, hardware and electric appliance shell of vehicle and ship.

Aluminum 5083

5083 Aluminum alloy is high Mg alloy, which is of good strength in alloy that can not be subject to heat treatment, good anti-corrosion and machinability. The surface is beautiful after anodizing. The arc welding performance is good. 5083 alloy is mainly Mg, which is of good anti-corrosion and weldable performance and is of middle strength. Good anti-corrosion performance can enable 5083 to be widely used in maritime purposes such as ship, and automobile, plane welding parts and metro, pressure vessel that needs to be subject to fireproof (such as liquid tanker, refrigerator car, reefer container), refrigeration equipment, television tower, drilling equipment, transport and communication facilities, missile parts and armor.

CNC machined aluminium

Mainly Application Field Of Aluminum Alloy CNC Machining

CNC machining of aluminium alloys for applications 2022

Automobile parts: engine cylinder block, cylinder cover, rotation axis, transmission axle, gear, gear box, drum brake, hub, gear rotating arm, rotating axle and other parts that have complex hook face.

Parts of motorbike: oil pump shell, oil pump cover, right and left crankcase, cylinder block, air cylinder cover oil plug, shell, rotating axle and other parts.

Biological medical equipment: biological reactor, cultivation box, biochemical cultivation box, carbon dioxide cultivation, circulation water cooler, air compressor, and cell breaking machine, hematology analyzer, high pressure homogenizer, freezer dryer, spray dryer, centrifugal thickener, biochemical analyzer.

Optical equipment: laser display, laser cinema, slide projector, camera, telescope, microscope, magnifying glass, smelting point instrument, eyepiece, objective, ultraviolet irradiation, theodolite, gradienter, colorimeter, spectrograph, photometer, tool pretreatment, spectrograph, image, projector and refractometer.

Which Surface Treatment Process Can Be Used For Aluminum Alloy By CNC Machining?

There are many products in the market that are made of aluminum alloy, with bright and beautiful surface. This is another advantage of aluminum alloy apart from easy CNC machining: there are many choices for surface treatment, such as anodizing, powder spraying, painting, plating, passivation, polishing, drawing, sand blast, silk-screen printing, laser carving, IEF, CD picture, etching, highlighting and epoxying. Whatever your personalized design, we are willing to provide customized service.

Problems Needing Attention During CNC Machining Of Aluminum Part

There are many products and materials for CNC machining and the aluminum parts are one of the mostly machined. When CNC machining is used for aluminum parts, if you want to ensure more stable machining dimensions, you have to pay attention to these aspects.

  1. Tool state. The machining stability largely depends on the state of the tool. Before machining, we should turn on the equipment after we check the tool.
  2. Material cooling. The workpiece might deform after cooling. The situation can not be avoided and at this time, we should pay attention to the use of cooling liquid. We should also consider the possibility of material deformation at the time of in-place measurement.
  3. Machining process. When the machining technology is unreasonable, the dimension error of workpiece can be easily caused. We should guarantee the basic machining process (rough first and then precise, surface first and then hole, big surface first and then small surface or the basic machining process details such as “reduce clamping times and adopt combination fixture as much as possible” in the fixture use), and we should reduce the machining error caused by iron dust on aluminum parts.
  4. Parameter setting. These cutting elements such as cutting speed, load, cutting depth and cutter compensation will influence the stability of machining, so we should pay extra attention.
  5. Tool selection. At the time of machining aluminum parts, we should use special cutter as much as possible,These cutters tend to be pertinent. For example, special milling cutter for milling aluminum is usually having bigger rake and helical angle and the cutting tool will be more sharp and more prone to aluminum machining (such as anti-built-up edge), the surface quality after machining will be better.
  6. Stress aspects. The aluminum materials is soft, therefore we need extra clamping strength. On the other hand, during machining, we should go on to next process after stewing the material for a while after the aluminum part is finished to eliminate stress.

In addition, the aluminum parts should also pay attention to chip removal and the use amount of cutting liquid during machining. There are many factors influencing the machining stability of the aluminum parts, therefore, we should face this flexibly during machining and analyze specifically. Stable tool, reasonable machining process and tool and the technological level of the operator are elements influencing product quality.

Tip: How To Reduce The Cost Of CNC Machined Aluminium Parts

CNC machining is also called mechanical machining, machining and is the final parts or product shape shaped out of raw materials by CNC machining center. For 11 years, Siedery focuses on parts machining and accumulates abundant machining experience on machining parts by CNC. At the time of CNC machining parts, we usually follow the principles below, which can lower the cost.

  1. Rough first and then finish machining, which can ensure precision and brightness;
  2. Surface first and then hole;
  3. For hole position, we should choose milling, and choose drilling if milling is impossible. If It can be done at once on the CNC machining center, which can reduce the error of the repeated clamping time and positioning;
  4. Cavity products, machine internal cavity and then appearance;
  5. Different sequence of work procedures and the diameter of the machining tool will be different from big to small;
  6. Put the same fixture and jig together, which can reduce cost making fixture and time for repeated clamping;
  7. For thin products, rough first and then machine and then finish machining after a while, which can reduce deformation;
  8. For products subject to heat treatment, rough first and then subject to heat treatment using the remaining heat and then finish machining;
  9. Products that needs surface treatment (), there should be remaining heat during machining based on corresponding surface treatment to reach the dimension requirements of customers after ensuring surface treatment;
  10. Parameters setting follow the principle of main and subsidiary;

CNC machining parts involves many materials and many processes, therefore, we will encounter various problems during processing, and only when you accumulates certain experience, you can deal with it calmly. The engineer teams of Siedery have 11 years of CNC machining parts, good at machine complex and multi-surface products and dare to challenge things other people dare not do!

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